IRS History

The International Radar Symposium (IRS) has a 19-year historical development. The successful start was in Munich, Germany, in 1998, which leaded to a series of conferences in Berlin (2000), Bonn (2002), and Dresden (2003). The joint cooperation with the polish universities and organizations developed an idea to expand the IRS venue to Poland, hence the conference should have a real international background. Since that time the IRS was held every two years in Poland (Warsaw 2004 and 2012, Krakow 2006 and 2016, Wroclaw 2008, Gdansk 2014) as well as in Lithuania (Vilnius 2010) and in Germany (Berlin 2005, Cologne 2007, Hamburg 2009, Leipzig 2011, Dresden 2013 and 2015). Together with the University of Defence in Brno, an intention to organize the symposium in Czech Republic was developed. In 2017 the IRS event goes the first time to Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic.